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Course Costs and Fees

Study in the UK is Great value. UK postgraduate programmes in the most other countries, saving your time as well as money without compromising on quality

The amount of money you will spend while you are living in the UK will depend on the type of Course you fallow and the college or university where you choose to study. Your course costs and tuition fees are set by the university and can vary considerably from one institution to another. MBA course in particular vary greatly in coast.
If you come to a UK university from a Country within the European Union, you will pay the same fees as UK students for postgraduate courses. If you come from a country outside the Europe Union, you will pay overseas fees; fee stars around £4,000 a year , but may go up to £12,000 for programmes that are more expensive to run, such as science course involving extensive laboratory work. Clinical Courses can be as much as £20,000 and MBA courses at competitive institutions can be even more expensive. Postgraduate courses in arts and sciences will tend to cost marginally more per year than an undergraduate course in the same subject.

Make sure you check in advance whether or not you will need to pay for expensive equipment research materials in addition to your basic course fee. This may be the case for areas of study such as medicine, low and finance, and science and technology. On arts courses you may need to rent your won studio space and provide your own materials. Such factors can significantly increase the basic cost of your course. Whatever course you are taking, you should allow extra money each year essential textbooks, journals and stationery.

English Language Courses

Fees for English courses vary greatly and you should check with individual institutions. Classes of between eight and 12 student are likely to coast around £100 a week but can go up to £200 for academic English study course and £300 for more specialized or intensive tuition in smaller groups. Some universities offer language courses free of charge to students who are registered for other courses. Check the cost of courses specifically for postgraduates, such as pre-master’s programmes, with institutions.

Postgraduate programmes and MBAs

Most UK taught one year and research – based master’s courses take just to complete ( in the USA and Australia, such courses typically last two years ). Advanced research programmes, such as those taken towards a Doctor of Philosophy (Phd), can take at least three years of full time study.

Universities set their own fees for international students. The average international fees for postgraduate courses are listed below:
Arts courses - £7,000 to 9,000 per year
Science courses: £7,500 to £12,000 per year
Clinical courses: £ 10,000 to £21,000 per year
MBA: £4,000 to more than £ 30,000 per year